“There are many sad things to come from this case but one of the most disheartening is that your office did not even try.”

- Sgt. Scott Prah, ACCPD (on the lack of justice for victims following DA Gonzalez’s refusal to review evidence in a horrific rape and aggravated sodomy case)

Thank you for visiting this page. This website contains the Application for Writ of Mandamus filed against District Attorney Deborah Gonzalez on March 13, 2023.

All of the exhibits to the Application are also accessible here. Thanks again for showing your interest in keeping our communities safe and public offices held accountable.

Recent Developments in Deborah Gonzalez’s Office:

Update #1: Please see the following document related to a jury Questioning on March 13, 2023 by Ms. Gonzalez wherein she questioned a Juror who Ms. Gonzalez had previously called him a racist.


Update #2: Ms. Gonzalez personally handled this very serious trial involving the aggravated assault of a female in Athens-Clarke County in front of her children. The Defendant was found Not Guilty on all counts after Ms. Gonzalez only put up 55 minutes of testimony after previously estimating that the trial would take 3 days. Ms. Gonzalez failed to: 1) Call the victim’s husband who witnessed the crime; 2) Play the 911 call; or 3) Put into evidence any photos of the victim’s injuries that were available.


Update #3: Please see the following article by Law360 Legal News titled "Athens DA Unilling And Unable To Do Job...".

Athens DA Unwilling And Unable To Do Job, Ga. Suit Alleges - Law360.pdf

Update #4: Applicant consents to Jury or Bench Trial for Writ.

051723 - Trial Election.docx.pdf

Update #5: Ms. Gonzalez’s Office lost another jury trial. This was a one count misdemeanor disorderly conduct case. Her office did not send this case to state court to be prosecuted by the solicitor general who prosecutes misdemeanors every day. If they would have done so, they could focus on the back log of major felony cases. Instead they proceeded to lose the simplest of misdemeanor charges in a jury trial.

1000875258.pdfBravo images.pdf

Recent News Stories about Ms. Gonzalez

11Alive news GPB Oconee Enterprise

031323 - Application for Writ of Mandamus.pdf

Exhibit 1_Oath of Office.pdf

Exhibit 2_Judges_ Letter.pdf

Exhibit 3_No Staff for Court (Open Records).pdf

Exhibit 4 101222 State v. Davila- Order Sustaining.pdf

Exhibit 4_Improper Accusation (Open Records).pdf

Exhibit 5_Legal Advice to Oconee (Open Records).pdf

Exhibit 6_2022 Pending Pre-Indictment.pdf

Exhibit 7_Apprentices in GJ (Open Records).pdf

Exhibit 8_Day One Memo.pdf

Exhibit 9_Elijah Woods Indictment.pdf

Exhibit 10_Medical Amnesty.pdf

Exhibit 11_Missed Speedy Trial.pdf

Exhibit 12_Motion for Discharge.pdf

Exhibit 13_Order Granting Dismissal.pdf

Exhibit 14_Truancy Texts (Open Records).pdf

Exhibit 15_Anna Petree Proceedings.pdf

Exhibit 16_WUGA Interview Transcript.pdf

Exhibit 17_Leonard Norris emails (Open Records) pdf.pdf

Exhibit 18_Order on MTS Varnum.pdf

Exhibit 19_ACCPD complaint.pdf

Exhibit 20__ Pendergraph Interview Transcript.pdf

Exhibit 21__Pendergraph Article.pdf

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Exhibit 23__Victim Issues.pdf

Exhibit 24_Employees Resigned.pdf

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Exhibit 26_DER Job Description.pdf

Exhibit 27_Attorney as DER.pdf

Exhibit 28_CJC Proposal.pdf

Exhibit 29_ADA at CJC.pdf

Exhibit 30_Least Qualified.pdf

Exhibit 31 combined.pdf

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